‘Star Wars’ #31: The Screaming Citadel Part #2

Published: May 17, 2017

Rating: Rated T

Writer: Jason Aaron

Penciller: Salvador Larroca

Cover Artist: Marco Checchetto

It is a time of turmoil for the galaxy. While the evil Galactic Empire remains strong, the Rebel Alliance continues to fight for freedom, and establishes a secret outpost deep in the Outer Rim.

Young rebel pilot Luke Skywalker struggles with his destiny. He can feel the Force, but without training, he cannot become a Jedi Knight. When rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra approaches Luke with an offer—accompany her to meet a queen who can reactivate an artifact containing the consciousness of
an ancient Jedi—he cautiously accepts.

Once at the Citadel of Ktath’atn—the Screaming Citadel—Aphra and Luke attempt to curry favor with the Queen. They are unsuccessful until Luke accidentally lashes out with the Force and attracts the Queen’s attention—for better or for worse….

The Story…

The story begins at a small Rebel outpost on Horox III, where Han and Sana Solo are discussing with Leia what has happened to Luke and the trouble that Dr Aphra may or may not have gotten them into. They decide to head off to Ktath’atn in the Falcon on a rescue mission, much to Chewies disgust, who is left behind due to the planet’s inhabitants disgust with Wookiees.

Back on the rain soaked planet Ktath’atn, at the gates of the eerie Citadel some Hossferins are trying to gain entry to the now cancelled feast, but Bombinax, the Queens right hand giant robot droid thing (reminds me of the one in Thor that attacks the remote town) has different ideas and he kills them swiftly with ease, after which he goes to a cell that contains Krrstantan, Aphras Wookie companion, who it seems has been captured on their entry into the Citadel.

Deep inside the Citadels tower (which looks very much like it has the ‘Eye of Sauron’ from Mordor on top) we find Luke and Aphra on their way through the Citadels grand halls to breakfast in the company of the Queen herself.  After the pleasantries, the Queen orders Luke to levitate his dinner tray using the Force, which he cannot do, especially after one of the queens cronies holds a knife to his throat, Aphra does not seem bothered by this and plants a small device under the grand bohemian dinner table.

Luke retaliates, knocking the lid off the so called desert, which seems to be some type of killer insects, the device Aphra planted was a bomb that promptly detonates, allowing Luke and the Doctor to escape, being pursued by what can only be described as the patrons of a cantina in full on Zombie mode!

She comms ‘Triple-Zero’ the feisty killer protocol droid for their pre-arranged lift out of this hell, but he is a bit pre-occupied as to whether or not he and his well armed Astromech side kick ‘BeeTee’ are allowed to kill a group of Rebels who have just arrived on a rescue mission!

The Review:

This is a brilliant crossover and works really well! I’ve said before that I was a bit worried about all these crossovers, but they are well done when you can keep a track of what is happening in which story arc. For reference this is also Star Wars #31 and Screaming Citadel Part 3 is happening in Dr. Aphra #7, which is out now and review to follow soon.

The story is easy to follow, slick and interesting. It also focuses well on the Legacy characters traits that we know and love, with Hans normal sarcasm playing a part.

The art is absolutely breathtaking and is some of the best I have seen…period! Some of the characters faces are so beautifully drawn and colored that they look like photos!

Get reading this now and May The Force Be With You!

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