Debbie Reynolds And Carrie Fisher Celebrated At Jubilant Memorial

Yesterday the world was given the opportunity to say goodbye to both Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds and our princess, her daughter Carrie Fisher. During a service at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn the lives of two of cinema’s most talented women were celebrated. James Blunt performed a song dedicated to the memory of Carrie, Star Wars was regularly referenced during the service as friends of both came to pay their respects and share their memories.

(T)he service was meant to be a celebration of the women’s legacies both on and off the screen. “You are all her people — not just her extended family, but her close friends and fans,” Todd Fisher said of the “living room” experience. “We would be sharing these same kinds of films and photographs, telling the same stories. … You’re gonna see a lot of things you’ve never, ever seen before.”

The celebration included montages — set to music by Star Wars composer John Williams — that highlighted each woman’s storied film career, as well as intimate family photos, interview footage and their humanitarian work.

Fisher’s former beau Dan Aykroyd took the podium to recall their friendship. “I once saved her life, applying the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge a Brussel sprout, and if I had been with our beloved showboat, I might have been able to save her again,” he said. “I know these women will have a song for us when we arrive at the crossing. After all, we’re only seconds behind.”

‘Only seconds behind’. How lucky were we, that we got to overlap a few of those seconds with these two magnificent women.

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