Ausfans Radio Episode 69: The Rogue Ausfans

Mark Newbold drops in for his quarterly chat with Alan here at Ausfans Radio and we chat about all the the usual things: Star Wars, Star Trek, music and all the geeky stuff in between. We play a new game on the podcast called: The Expendables/Star Wars casting game, chat about Rogue One and we go for full Bor Gullet on all of our thoughts on it. We talk about Mark’s great new site for Jedi News, and all of the new things they are up to with his podcast Radio 1138, and the wonderful app they have there too. Make sure you download the app for Jedi News also, from the app store listeners, it is brilliant. We talk about Snoke, and the theories surrounding him, the Ren and whether or not Luke could be considered a Jedi anymore, and get to the heart of the matter: Rey. Is Rey just Rey? Well maybe, but will it be revealed soon? All this and more, LIVE from Quinlan’s Cantina on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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